WATCH: Inside The Brutal Fight Clubs Of The World’s Most Violent Prisons


Parental discretion is most definitely advised…

During a number of recent viral videos, a shocking truth is beginning to emerge from prisons worldwide. Inmates in New Zealand, Australia, the United States, UK and many other large countries have been involved in fight clubs.

Shockingly, these clubs are being filmed on smuggled mobile phones, and leaked over social media for the world to see. Today’s article takes a deeper look at a number of disturbing cases, some of which include allegedly crooked prison wardens.

The videos included later in the article may be disturbing to some viewers.

First we’ll take a look at the fight clubs organised by inmates. Essentially a last man standing rules set, inmates with punch, kick, elbow, head butt or slam their way to victory. Winning looks hard, losing is perhaps even harder in the ‘survival of the fittest’ setting of the penitentiary.

The video you are about to watch was leaked from HMP Featherstone, a UK prison with a terrible reputation for drugs and violence.

Similar stories are emerging globally, with injuries ranging from a few cuts and bumps, to inmates being beaten to death in the most disturbing cases. The following story is on a whole different level.

In San Francisco, a very high profile case hit the courts this month. Two county sheriff’s deputies stand in front of a judge charged with forcing inmates to fight bareknuckle in ‘gladiator style’ fights.

As told by a disturbing report on Inquisitr:

The two defendants, former San Francisco Sheriff’s Deputy Scott Neu and current deputy Eugene Jones, had been accused after threatening to hurt or take food away from prisoners unless they fought head-to-head with one another, according to reports. The jail’s administration would gamble on the winners of the fights.

The prosecutors, however, had a very different story, asserting that Neu had threatened to taze the prisoners unless they participated in the fight club. He had even forced a 150-pound prisoner to fight his 350-pound cellmate by offering the larger of the two a cheeseburger if he won, according to the prosecution.

Meanwhile, in South America, the fight clubs are literally huge, impossible to hide. Clearly guards and officials don’t even have to look the other way. Although these stories are shocking, they pale in comparison to the atrocities happening in Gitarama.

Known as the worst prison on Earth, Gitarama is packed to the gills. Prisoners have next to no food or water, or any space to sleep.

It’s got so bad over there, that the 6000 prisoners in the jail designed for 500 have started eating each other.

This is the shocking moment an inmate knocks out a fellow lag during a Fight Club-style boxing match inside a British jail as spectators scream “finish him”.

The footage – apparently filmed at HMP Featherstone in Staffordshire – shows a crowd of around 20 convicts baying for blood as the fighters trade blows before the beaten man collapses helplessly to the ground.

At least three mobile phones – banned in British prisons – were used to record the bout and not a single guard is seen during the five-minute clip.

The inmates seem totally unconcerned about being filmed, making gun symbols to the camera and bragging about their links to criminal gangs.

One says “keep the door locked” just before the fight begins and another replies: “Yo, ain’t no-one coming in from now.”

The mobile is then passed around by inmates who take turns filming. One prisoner even films himself using the phone – despite risking an extra two years on his sentence.

One says: “The wing’s empty, you know.”

Other inmates can be heard saying “keep the door locked, man” and “gang members only”.

A prisoner steps then forward to quiet the rabble, saying: “All right then, let’s sort it out. Anyone over-talking, we’re battering ourselves.”

The prisoners back away and the fighters attack on the count of three.

The first fighter immediately rocks his opponent with two savage punches.

The opponent then lands one in return but is knocked backwards into the crowd by a flurry of blows to the head.

The prisoners push him back into the fray, shouting: “Go on, and again. Come on.”