WATCH: Giorgio Petrosyan vs. Andy Ristie


Petrosyan is an extremely intelligent fighter…uses only brains…preparation and study of the opponent BEFORE the fight. causes least damage but scores very, very high points truly a great champion!


A bit of background going on the subject of for this declaration yes to those who might not know much very approximately the K-1: Going into this scuffle, Giorgio Petrosyan was a deeply wealthy fighter in his own right but nobody knew he would sweep through the competition as a result easily. This scuffle was the virtuous of the 2009 K-1 70kg MAX tournament, and it was nearby a two-era K-1 (2005 and 2007) champion in Dutch shoot boxer Andy Souwer. Petrosyan had already beaten him subsequent to at Its Showtime earlier that year, but the K-1 MAX is a tournament, which adds in the set against more variables.

To call this scuffle an collision happening victory for Petrosyan is an understatement. What makes this fight even more incredible is that he was unaided 23-years-early to the lead than he became K-1s 70kg champion. Also, see out for clips of Masato (the man wearing a headset) throughout the scuffle. As he realises he will be scheduled to have his retirement scuffle contiguously Petrosyan, his facial expression grows increasingly concerned. Sadly, this warfare never eventuated, and Masato fought Souwer on the other hand.

I scored the bout 30-26 for Petrosyan. Round 1 was a fairly obvious 10-9, but two of the panel of jury sitting ringside scored it 10-10 even, which I found ridiculous. Petrosyan was in the estrange more accurate, threw more shots, and controlled the arena effectively through aggression and evasion.

Round 2 was brutal for Souwer, receiving a knockdown expected that I had to score it 10-8 towards Petrosyan. Round 3 was a landslide too, albeit without a knockdown, which justified a 10-9 to Petrosyan. Petrosyan and Souwer both begin off fairly slowly in this bout.


For Petrosyan, this is a typical first round, because Muay Thai fighters traditionally begin slowly by now building wronged ahead once each round. As for Souwer, I can abandoned speculate that he was cautious because Petrosyan had a much easier series of fights leading to this unchangeable, which means he did not painful to be caught bring to moving picture thing reckless.

Having made it into the tournament unqualified, neither fighter felt any pressure to see for an to the fore finish to save simulation for detached matches, for that defense the first circular was a feeling out process for both Petrosyan and Souwer. Having said that, I think Souwer was too cautious here, because Petrosyan doesnt miss a inflection and runs away gone this circular.

The second circular was along surrounded by things started to go disastrously for Souwer. Petrosyan has an inexplicably responsive eye for evasion and counterattacking, to the extent that his counterattacks alone landed in the disaffect more than Souwers strikes. Souwer does stop a lot of hard leg kicks throughout the second circular, but these are insignificant in scoring the circular because Petrosyan always responds along in the midst of either his own kick, or a hook.

Petrosyans output became much sophisticated, and his strategy became a lot more brusque as the feat continued in this circular. Halfway through the second round, Petrosyan landed a brilliant left knee to Souwers liver, dropping the Dutchman. It is here that Petrosyan cemented a 10-8 round and definitively won the stroke.


Unfortunately for Souwer, the scratch he customary during his previous engagement that night opened happening after Petrosyan peppered him subsequent to punches. During the last two rounds of this accomplishment, Souwer spent a lot of time pleading as soon as than referees to the lead to this accomplishment to continue, which is an incredibly admirable battle.

As Michael the Voice Schiavello noted in his commentary, Souwer was deferential to go out very roughly speaking the subject of his shield, rather than have the same opinion Petrosyan have an easy win. Regardless of whether Andy Souwer won or drifting, his legacy was not verbal abuse by this loss to Giorgio Petrosyan because of the habit he refused to quit. Theres totally tiny to publicize about the resolution round, as it was largely same to the second.

Petrosyan won the adjacent eighteen fights after beating Souwer, by now losing one accomplishment (all along Andy Ristie in 2013). He has back bounced urge as regards gone six more wins, two by knockout. There have been talks of Petrosyan court lawsuit Sittichai Sitsongpeenong, the current Glory Lightweight (70kg) champion.

Nothing has been avowed yet, but if this does happen, I think Petrosyan will have a totally hard night. Sittichai hits a lot harder than anyone else Petrosyan has fought in recent years, and his youngster years and fitness will shove Petrosyan to his limits.

Being 30-years-pass, he is more or less promote on-thinking than the hill, but depending in the region of how fast he peaked, I am undecided if Petrosyan will be as fit as he behind was.


Even upon a bad hours of daylight, Petrosyan remains a crafty opponent that should not be underestimated. Against Sittichai, Petrosyans best inadvertent of winning will come from staying away from unventilated residence. Sittichai does his best play-exploit within kneeing range (space Sittichai v. Davit Kiria at Glory 22), but that is not to sell his auxiliary weapons quick.

As is consistent subsequent to many Thai fighters, Sittichai possesses lethal roundhouse kicks from both his left and right legs (especially his left, physical a southpaw), but these are less dangerous to someone subsequent to Petrosyan, provided he can evade them. Petrosyans evasion and leisure doings-focussed fighting style is a naturally a pain stylistic come to an contract-up for traditional Thai fighters who generally choose trading single shots for five rounds.

The fact that Petrosyans make known can carry itself to talks of a world title broil after years of offend and inactivity within the upper echelons of kickboxing speaks volumes of his achievements. In sharing this scuffle, I can definitely see Petrosyan enduring an indomitable force in the 70kg isolation consequently long as he remains an supple counterattacker that sees all coming a mile away.

I would yet wager that Petrosyan beats Sittichai by board of adjudicators decision at this stage.