Watch: Backyard boxers swing as hard as they can until someone leaves on a stretcher


There are not many people who leave the house intending to get into a street fight. There are some that do but those people are few and far between as the average Joe has no intentions of getting into a physical altercation.

Even rarer is the life threatening or life changing situations where a person may have to defend themselves because their life is quite literally at risk and to make matters worse the attacker may have a weapon, may have set a trap, or there may even be multiple attackers. In a situation such as this, the ability to adequately and intelligently defend yourself is paramount.

Then there are those instances where one too many people have “seen it on tv” and think they can do what the professionals do. This leads to hours of entertaining YouTube videos but also a few diamonds in the rough such as the video below.

Other than the outdoor, backyard setting, this match is one that you could probably find in any respectable hotel ballroom on a Friday or Saturday night. These tend to be the types of events that feature local fan favorites as well as up and coming talent.

In the video below, it is evident that these two men have some skill and the event is well put together which includes a professional and competent looking referee as well as a medical staff.

So check out the video below to witness a devastating ending to this backyard brawl.