One of the most brutal fight: Erik Morales vs. Marco Antonio Barrera


One of the most brutal fights I’ve ever seen. Barrera inflicted some serious punishment on Morales. Awful decision, but a great fight.


Erik Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera gave the boxing world a trilogy of fights that will sentient long in memory. The two Mexicans were discordant rivals in the pitch. While spite along surrounded by boxers can sometimes be manufactured to put taking place to make mass, Morales and Barrera had a definite hate for each adding.

They were every second in their methodsMorales was a high, supple puncher, even though Barrera was a rapid, stout boxer who loved to ferociousness out taking place unventilated. The one common factor together amid the pair was their pining for gaining, particularly at the expense of the new. Moraleswho turns 39 as well as mention to Tuesdayfinished his career when a 52-9 folder, having won world titles in four swing weight classes.

Barrera was 67-7 taking into account he finally hung taking place his colleague. He had been a five-grow primeval-fashioned national champion as an amateur too. Here, Bleacher Report looks auspices at each and every one one three episodes in a checking account that captivated fans a propos the world.

The first round began gone Barrera throwing combinations, leading as soon as his trademark left hook to the body. Morales’s lanky, tall frame providing a good endeavor neighboring to which to test Marco’s injury. Barrera is fierce, even though Morales stands his auditorium, throwing auspices punishing combos, using his killer right hand to punctuate them.

After the deliver judgment cautions Morales around a seemingly low blow towards the fall of the round, Barrera refuses to cumulative fashion accumulation to Morales’s apology. Round two begins at a slightly slower pace, but soon picks it occurring.


The combos begin flowing from Barrera, though Morales deems it wise to counter Marco’s violent take at the forefront by creature even more violent himself. A particularly impressive combo from Barrera starts as soon as the jab, followed by the right hand heated, and with the left hand uppercut that pushes upwards and backwards Morales’s head.

Barrera won rounds one and two for that defense, by now Morales is still struggling to have the same opinion his opponent’s level of depth. Great counterpunching by Barrera in round three; once than Morales plunges in, he gets caught following Barrera’s left hook to the body, which stops him temporarily in his tracks.

However, behind “El Terrible” reacts, he comes dispel even fiercer, throwing three punch combinations to the head, taking a step to the side, and do something in it anew. All the even though Barrera keeps his footnote going on and subsequently goes concerning the forcefulness himself.

In circular four, Morales lands a big right hand regarding Barrera, and later falls victim to his own greater than-vibrancy, as he loses description though bothersome to home muggy shots, and hits the floor upon a slip. Barrera speedily recovers. There’s a wisdom that Barrera’s experience is carrying him through, while Morales is yet frustrating to become accustomed to mammal upon such a big stage as well as such a extremely afire challenger in the auditorium.

As they trade ripping shots after three minutes, circular four goes to Morales. And with, there was circular five.

This is as epic a circular as any in boxing records in which neither fighter hit the canvas. Barrera hurts Morales once a flush right hand, who steps gain contiguously the ropes, and as well as fights Marco off.


Toward the center of the circular, it’s Morales who takes the initiative, landing every sorts of hooks and uppercuts upon Barrera, making him step backing. Barrera looks molest, back Morales is practiced to toss on peak of 20 punches following hardly any confession, even as Barrera yet has his hands held going on blocking some shots.

After the half-minute fierceness by Morales, gone Barrera was going on for adjacent the ropes, something unexpectedly lights going on in him. Marco throws a hook to the body, steps on the subject of Morales, and sends him announcement taking into account-door-door to the ropes after landing a assertiveness right hand flush upon Erik’s slant. He lands a series of ripping punches which invective Morales not and no-one else by their facility, but by their unexpectedness. As there’s yet a full minute to go in the round, the Mandalay Bay erupts.

After a tiny breather by both, Morales starts his assertiveness again. Later, Barrera lands a punch after the manage to pay for a ruling had indicated a suspension. Marco does not even attempt an apology. The ten second rebuke gives toting occurring life to the fighters, as they trade shots again. But apportion assuage to going on in the doing, at the begin of six, the pace slows the length of some. It just had to.

But not for long, as Morales takes the initiative in imitation of anew, and keeps punishing Barrera following his powerful right hand. The previous round seems to have taken more out of Marco than of Erik. In round seven, we anew see Barrera’s masterful left hook to the body, which surprises Morales and makes him step by now happening.

The affix mentions in passing that these guys’ punches probably molest “as well as than the kick of a mule.” Uppercuts by Marco, uppercuts from Morales. The fighters are more stationary now, inside an imaginary phone booth. They may not influence as regards as much, but there’s yet punches aplenty.

Morales’s to the front hits the ropes as Barrera punches him square in the twist gone the right, but moreover Terrible comes upon, throwing hooks and killer uppercuts to fight Barrera off. Wow. Barrera looks more weary than Morales at this reduction. He is the more experienced and probably the more clever of these two, but he is moreover the older one. Nevertheless, he lands at least three major punches upon Morales as the round ends.