Johnson Shares Harsh Words For Dana White Following UFC London Event


UFC lightweight Kajan Johnson made an octagon performance over the weekend. The fighter ultimately went the distance with his opponent, leading to a tough split decision. Now the fighter has come forward with a statement concerning the fans’ reaction to the match.

Kajan Johnson faced off against Steven Ray on Saturday night, March 17, at UFC Fight Night 127. After going the distance with the fighter, Johnson ultimately earned a split decision victory over his opponent.

However, the fighter was met with a little heat from the local fans. Speaking to reporters after the event, Johnson revealed that he does not agree with many fight fans. More to the point, the fighter blames UFC President Dana White.

“I have a bit of an issue with the fans of mixed martial arts, because of the way they treat the fighters. In my opinion, it starts from the top.

“A lot of the time you’ll see Dana White just giving the fighters so much grief. If you don’t go out and just sling leather and bleed for him, then he’s talking all this smack about them.

“Because the leader of the organization acts like this, then it is so much easier for the fans to act like this. So, it really upsets me. It’s a huge problem that I have with it.”