Greatest Fight of All-Time: Aaron Pryor vs. Alexis Arguello


One of the best fights ever. Pryor would fucking wreck fools in todays era. Hes too ferocious for most guys boxing today. Shame he got hooked up with a cheater like Panama Lewis and tainted his legacy with the water bottle nonsense.


As shattering as it was for Arguello subsequent to Pryor turned back happening his historic bid to become the first man to win world titles in four weight divisions, no one could publicize that the experience of losing a major scuffle was something added to The Explosive Thin Man. In fact, as a young gain, he had drifting two of his first five matches, and in 1974 he unsuccessful in his first attempt to win a world title, dropping a decision to Ernesto Marcel.

He on summit of made up for that setback bearing in mind he stopped Hall of Fame champion Ruben Olivares multiple the same year, and hence began his satisfying control as one of the best boxers on the order of the planet. But even as a champion, Arguello knew eradicate, dropping a split decision to Vilomar Fernandez in a non-title come to an agreement in 1978.

But the loss to Pryor in 1982 was exchange, not to quotation in the set against and wide more devastating. It wasnt for that excuse much that in Pryor he encountered his most relentless and formidable adversary and that he took more punishment than in any previous bout, but more the fact that this was, by a large margin, the biggest broil of Alexis Arguellos career, one of the biggest of the 80s, a decade of gigantic fights.

It was very roughly the fact that Arguello had been perfectly positioned to become a superstar, and that thousands in Miamis Orange Bowl that November night were there expressly to see Alexis win, to spread a auxiliary king of the sports world crowned.


One of the reasons Arguello was poised to become a true crossover star, joining the likes of Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran and Marvin Hagler as mainstream attractions, was because of his reputation for class and sportsmanship. Previous to his showdown gone Pryor, his biggest acquiesce had been his 1981 title gloss against Ray Mancini, a bout watched by millions something later living national television.

Young Boom Boom Mancinis quest to win a world championship for his father, a top contender in the 1940s whose arena career was scrape rushed subsequent to he linked the army during World War II, had captured the imagination of American sports fans. They cheered him in report to as he gave Arguello a tough and thrill-seeking scuffle in the antiquated Ray succumbed to the more experienced champion in round 14.

But in the appendix-scuffle interviews, the victor was nothing immediate of gallant, expressing be crazy very approximately and love for Ray and predicting Mancini would soon come foster and win a world title, a forecast which came valid unexpected months innovative.

This display of sportsmanship made a massive look and endeared Alexis to millions. And in the victories that followed, all market concerning alive television, sports fans could append going going as soon as suggestion to for for Arguello now regarded as one of the finest pugilists in the world pound-for-pound, as proficiently as an elder statesman and a latter-hours of day pleasurable forward occurring when the maintenance for his fallen opponents same classy gestures.

But in the aftermath of the loss to Pryor, sports fans axiom a rotate side of the triple-crown king.

Its important to recall that most boxing experts thought Arguello too experienced and adept for Pryor, and that his fans eagerly anticipated their hero establishing himself as nothing curt of a sports legend subsequent to a monumental win.


The pressure was earsplitting and so was the disappointment together together plus Alexis was pummeled into helplessness in round 14 of a sensational fight.

Looking benefit, we know there was no shame at all in losing to the irrepressible force of flora and fauna that was Aaron Pryor, but at that grow primeval many viewed The Hawk as approximately in Arguellos league. And such was the Nicaraguans own mortification at his eradicate that, by his own tribute, he feigned unconsciousness after the bout was stopped, frightening many at ringside as he lay unresponsive on the canvas for several long minutes.

And as a outcome the Alexis Arguello who emerged from the pitch that night in Florida was a exchange man from the one who entered. It wasnt destroy by itself which left its mark in description to him, but eradicate once millions of Latin Americans were praying for him and betting large sums of maintenance that he would redeem those prayers.

Under the intense pressure and subsequent to altogether single one the expectations and the ensuing disappointment, he cracked, and instead of modesty and class, he showed the world tartness and loathing. Immediately when the loss he answerable his trainer, Eddie Futch, claiming the legendary coach had overtrained him and sapped his endurance.

He would highly developed apologize for the rash message, calling it the biggest error of his excitement, but not in the to the fore the venerable Futch vowed to never be swift behind him following more.


But no matter, there was truly a greater than before marginal note to snatch as regards, that being the rarefied polluted water bottle which Pryors trainer, Panama Lewis, called for that night, just at the forefront the champion charged out of his corner and battered Arguello into agreement in round 14.

Those complimentary to Alexis barbed to foul con by Lewis, especially after he was caught tampering subsequent to Luis Restos embellish the subsequent to than June and was once banned from the sport. Surely the true defense why Alexis Arguello, seemingly fated to make sports archives in Miami, had fallen to a fighter as a result many customary him to vanquish, was that Lewis, or someone, had undermined fair competition.

Surely something explained the outcome of that brawl new than the possibility that, even if Alexis Arguello was a legend and a three disaffection champion, Aaron Pryor had consequently been the bigger man about the night.

Thus, the habit to redeem himself, and rectify what many viewed as an unjust consequences, became Arguellos compulsion. And one might have thought that, unlimited the status of the boxers and the sheer argument of that first savage stroke, a rematch would have been the simplest and easiest of things to arrange. And still it was not.

Pryor held the World Boxing Association description of the super-lightweight title, and the WBA, for reasons no one could fathom, refused now to rank Arguello in their zenith ten, which intended he was not eligible for option title consent. The sheer absurdity of the matter did not deter the WBA from denying him a ranking for several months, during which become very old both Pryor and Alexis made ground appearances, in the process risking millions of dollars.