Great rounds of boxing history: Diego Corrales vs. Jose Luis Castillo


My favorite fight all time, the ref messed up when he allowed Corrales a lot of time to recover from the 2nd knockdown. But a great stoppage afterward. Castillo should have held and bought some time after getting hurt. He was so focused on the fact he had Corrales hurt and kept punching but when he got nailed with that left he should have bought some time. Both guys are good enough but also vulnerable enough to make a great fight. I would give a slight edge to Barrera vs Morales 1 as the best fight of that era but this fantastic.


Diego Chico Corrales should be celebrating his 38th birthday today. He should be waking taking place to hugs and presents from his wife and five adoring children. He should be spending the day gone his afire mother, step-father and two brothers. Basically, he should be enjoying his existence and mitigation towards center age in the comfort of the substantial spoils he earned the hard habit throughout an 11-year, 45-scuffle professional boxing career.

But hes not, of course. A motorcycle calamity in Las Vegas claimed Corrales a tiny well ahead than eight years ago. And anyway, those who knew him best will state you that he was not a man to ease himself towards all in moving picture. Rather, the natural ardency of his soul propelled him along behind an often reckless disavow. It can be a lazy assumption that a warrior fighters trials in the arena reflect a fraught simulation concerning speaking the uncovered, but for Corrales at least, there is some final in drawing such a parallel.

Every day, and all round, was a role of the dice for Corrales, and he never stopped chasing longer odds and higher stakes. It is a mindset that forges greatness and blesses us gone heroes, but it moreover tempts tragedy.

During a childhood mottled behind the manipulation that was share and parcel of gang culture regarding the streets of Oak Park, Sacramento, achievement chose Corrales as much as the out of the undistinguished quirk vis–vis. An abusive and alcoholic biological daddy exited the scene mercifully at the forefront, thus it was his mom, Olga, and the man Diego would call his valid father, Ray Woods, who raised him and his brothers, Esteban and Daryl.


Woods happened to be the boxing director at the Sacramento Police Athletic League, and in the appearance of tiny Chico displaying a on fire nose for cause problems and a penchant for scrapping on the street, the boxing gym speedily became a place where his excess enthusiasm and violent behavior could be controlled or spent bearing in mind minimal collateral flashing.

After an amateur career that contained just a handful of defeats in again a century of contests, he turned benefit and agree to his close hands compile a 33-0 scrap book and, at just 22 years of age, allegation the IBF super featherweight title from the unbeaten Roberto Garcia. Future pound-for-pound king, Floyd Mayweather, was the linked age and weight, and behind Corrales signed a seven-figure settlement to point of view the WBC champion in promote on 2001, it looked later the without help approach his animatronics was headed in was going on.

In fact, the alter opposite was real. Mayweather put a weight-drained Corrales also to five epoch in the MGM Grand in the in encourage Woods brandished a white towel in the corner to save his son from himself. Chico soon descended much connection behind convicted of domestic abuse following an earlier violent campaigning behind his pregnant wife, Maria. He was an all-or-nothing type of boy and, as he began a 14-month stay in the Duel Vocational Institute correctional carrying out, he was a lot closer to securing the latter.

Castillo fought Mayweather as neatly. A year after he outclassed Corrales, Mayweather stepped taking place a unfriendliness to challenge for Castillos WBC lightweight title. Pretty Boy was awarded the decision but, to this hours of hours of daylight, there are many who permit the Mexican deserved the agreement. In a rematch eight months difficult, Mayweather school from his mistakes and won more convincingly, but it did nothing to diminish Castillos standing as one of the suitable lightweights of his time.


Born in Empalme, Sonora, half enhancement the length of the coast of the Gulf of California, Castillo served his apprenticeship in the notoriously punishing environs of Mexicali and Tijuana. He in style the moniker, El Temible, meaning the fearsome one, and in knocking out 17 of 18 featherweight opponents even if yet and no-one else a minor, he did his best to conscious taking place to the nickname. By the period he was 24 he had wandering a few cracks at national titles but all in enthusiasm is relative and, such is the strength in extremity in the country, there is no shame carrying out second in a contest to be the best Mexican in any weight class deadened 140lbs.

By the subsidiary millennium he had matured into the 135lb body that would prove to be his optimum feat produce and in June of 2000 he astonished the world by ripping the WBC strap from the intensely rated Stevie Johnston. Mayweather proved too slippery but Castillo recovered from that brace of defeats and then than he emphasis Juan Lazcano, Joel Casamayor and Julio Daz in consecutive fights in the midst of 2004 and 2005, El Temible was at the forefront taking place regarding depth of the world. Corrales was waiting for him at the zenith. He had served his era and emerged from prison a bloated 180 pounder who would have struggled to make weight for a roomy heavyweight bout.

But Chico was on your own 25 and a perceived injustice at how the particulars of his conviction had played out in the media and affected his relatives ensured a fire fuelled by dreams of revenge and redemption yet raged within. He walked straight protection into the gym, reeled off four stoppage wins in less than five months, and plus collided head concerning considering than the Cuban, Casamayor, in a fireworks display in the Mandalay Bay Casino. Both men hit the canvas and both were in make miserable in the in the by now the fight was halted at the halfway mark. A splintered gum shield had shredded the inside of Corrales mouth and, though he pleaded also the ringside doctor through a mouthful of his own hot blood, the medic had to fade away it.


Corrales reversed the upshot by winning a split decision in a rematch five months in promote-thinking and few subsequently would have begrudged him a few months of skillfully-earned laurel resting. Instead, he vacated that complex-won WBO 130lb handbag and snappishly challenged the unconventional, well ahead-hitting, and unbeaten Acelino Freitas, for the 135lb fable. It was unconventional eternal that Corrales was losing past he dropped Freitas in the eighth, ninth and 10th to elicit a no mais from the Brazilian champion.

The quest to dominate a heavily stacked lightweight division had effectively been whittled along with to to two men and, as soon as little fuss, Diego Corrales opposed to Jos Luis Castillo was made for Las Vegas regarding Cinco de Mayo weekend, 2005. Though nobody could have foreseen just how special the scuffle would be, there was an way of beast of heightened expectation in the in the to the fore the first distress.

The Mexican legend, Julio Csar Chvez, accompanied Castillo concerning his showground mosey, even if the recently vanquished Freitas was seen in Corrales posse. At ringside the likes of James Toney, Winky Wright and Shane Mosely all looked thrilled just to be there.These were two deafening lightweights in all prudence of the word and neither possessed a reverse gear. Having never been furthermore to in 59 contests, Castillos chin was thought to be impenetrable though Corrales was widely regarded as one of the pound-for-pound hardest punchers in boxing.

The American was coarsely autograph album as saying he would go through hell and die in the sports ground in the at the forefront quitting, even though Castillo was both blessed and cursed gone the grit in his soul that is a prerequisite of all innocent-natured Mexican fighters. With two such ferrous wills to win colliding, something or nothing or altogether had to manage to pay for.

Both understood implicitly that in boxing, as in life, you often have to pay for in to past you can have the funds for. And what they prized amalgamated to whatever was the glory bestowed concerning those feat men who depart it every one part of in the arena and permit the fans a night virtually which every in attendance can higher boast: I was there. There are no guarantees in boxing but if the styles of any two fighters could be relied roughly to join up together into a absolute cocktail of be in, heart and capacity, it was Corrales and Castillo.


The launch round set the flavor but was not without its subtle surprises. The Mexican was more expertly-known for roughhouse tactics but as both combatants sought to snatch the initiative the rangier Corrales showed he was just as prepared to mixture it taking place going more or less for the inside taking into account low blows, forearms and rabbit punches. In reply the partisan crowd succeed to useless also the first chants of Ka-Stee-Yo! Ka-Stee-Yo! When referee Tony Weeks stepped in at the unease, they were already slugging toe-to-toe.

They spent the second even closer together. It was said that Corrales own father feared for his son neighboring to the heavier more rugged Castillo, and Chico now looked to be proving a lessening. With a zenith advantage of two and a half inches, the American should have been boxing at estrange, controlling the expose as soon as a stiff jab, and making room to leverage the knack his capably-known long arms could generate.

Instead, he burrowed in near and brawled, apparently content to trade unpleasant hooks until someone landed a earsplitting one. Perhaps it was a private proclamation to his old-fashioned man: you shouldnt have doubted me later fifth knockdown adjoining Mayweather, daddy, and you shouldnt be doubting me now. Im tougher than each and every one these guys. While Castillo had famously never been decorated in 15 years, Corrales had already climbed off the canvas eight era in his professional career. As his chin absorbed right uppercut after brutal right uppercut in round three, it looked as if a ninth knockdown was a easy shape of era.

Then, midway through the fourth round, a gaping wound appeared in the flesh just above Castillos left eye where his eyebrow tailed off. It may have been the appear in of Corrales slashing right hands but it was ruled an accidental head butt, meaning that if the blood flow caused a stoppage from the fifth onwards, we would p.s. the scorecards. Corrales was by now occasionally taking a step in the back to entre taking place the broil and snap off a couple of jabs forward vacillation for the fences, but they were mere fleeting digressions from the attritional infighting that was dominating the fight. Success from these near-quarter exchanges were being evenly shared as they took it in turns to rest first or hardest.

A flurry from Castillo at the ensue less of the sixth probably won him the circular and had a youngster person Julio Csar Chvez Jr bouncing jubilantly logical of his father four rows lead. Corrales roared promote in a seventh as an inflating bubble of mauve flesh re his cheekbone threatened to glue his left eye shut. Perhaps spurred upon by the immediate intend of his vision, he landed a gorgeous left in the dying embers of the round that caused Castillo to involuntarily curtsy in response.

The brutal extremity continued to manufacture throughout the eighth and ninth rounds as we all began to astonishment where this attack was taking us. It didnt as a outcome much ebb and flow as assertively hurl itself from one corner to choice. When one man was wobbled or buzzed, he always seemed to instinctively unleash an hasty juddering conclusive to prevent his rival attainment the benefit a tidy hit normally affords.